Austin Okolo FREE Apprenticeship 2019/2020 Season​

The primary aims of this Apprenticeship programme is to empower young people who are ready to take their destinies in their hands and gain profitable skills in:

1. Video Production
2.  Photography/Graphics Design
3. Video Marketing/Digital Marketing

The registration for the apprenticeship programme is free. 

Schedule and duration.
The apprenticeship programme is a six (6) months intensive theoretical and practical training from Austin Okolo and other professionals in the stated fields above. 

Requirements for consideration
1. Applicant must not be over 27years

2. Must be a computer literate

3. Must be motivated and willing to learn.

4. Must have deep passion for the stated field

5. Must be free from other obligations that will be distracting during the period of apprenticeship. 

6. Must be free to travel anytime and any day for jobs. 

7. Owning a laptop increases your chances of getting selected 

Conditions and points to note 
1. The apprenticeship is free for the selected applicants, but it will cost us N200, 000 to train each applicant. So, we will demand the applicant’s full dedication to making sure our resources are not wasted. 

2. Only the selected applicants will pay a commitment fee of N5000. This money is a sign to show the applicant values the free training he/she is being given. 

3. As a compensation for the resources and the energy invested in training the applicants, the selected applicants will be mandated to undergo a 6months internship with us after the apprenticeship period. He/she will be eligible for stipend for transportation during the internship. After the internship, if the applicant’s performance is satisfactory, the applicant will be offered an employment opportunity but it will be his/her choice to take it. 


4. Our Operational office is at Plot 2, Road 2, Oroazi, Port Harcourt, Rivers state. The selected applicants are expected to report daily for training and instruction except exempted by Austin Okolo himself.

Register for our apprenticeship programme for the 2019/2020 session.



Austin Okolo is a multimedia professional, a video Marketing expert and a serial Entrepreneur.  A man from modest beginnings, he is co-founder of 3 companies operating from Port Harcourt: Picturebank Photography and FicusTv, an internet-based video content platform and Iniyemi Couture a fashion design outlet.